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Growth Strategy

Strategic. Creative. Nimble

​Growth strategy is like a game of Jenga, where you carefully pull out blocks without toppling the tower and add new blocks to make it higher and stronger. We help you achieve profitable growth by keeping our fingers on the pulse of trends, understanding what your customers want, and outsmarting the competition. We are your marketplace ninja, sneaking up on your target audience and winning them over with your awesomeness. We know that finding new sources of growth can be intimidating, but it's essential if you want to thrive and spice things up in the marketplace. We're here to help you navigate this challenge by uncovering the unmet needs that people can't yet put their finger on and match them with where you want to take your brand. We'll brainstorm, strategize, and come up with a recipe for success that includes creating, prioritizing, financially evaluating, and selecting opportunities that will enable your brand to grow and flourish. With our secret blend of insights, creativity, and expertise, you can achieve a winning growth strategy and become the envy of your competitors.

"Founded and run by an incredibly talented individual. Rae comes from a background based in engineering with an MBA in brand management. She understands everything from procurement/supply chain management to strategic planning and retail strategy. Rae is a game changer!"

Marc Smathers

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